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The cutting edge in data science and campaign optimization

Blue Ink Digital has developed a suite of technology to deliver data-driven and results oriented campaigns. Blue Ink Digital’s technology first approach allows our team to make adjustments to campaigns in real time based off the performance our customers see. This allows for extremely targeted and fine-tuned optimization of each of our campaigns to meet the goals of our Clients.


Based on our client’s needs Blue Ink Digital can deploy solutions ranging from the latest in machine learning, to real-time fraud detection, to advanced filters and logic. We also work with clients to provide customized campaigns at no extra cost and make available our highly trained team to meet our clients goals.

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The Blue Ink Marketplace

The Blue Ink Digital marketplace is grounded in our data driven approach and uncompromising attention to detail on each of your campaigns. See what we can do for your business

How the Marketplace works

The Blue Ink Digital Marketplace provides real-time exclusive leads directly to clients based on the criteria they need for their business. Clients can filter for geographic region, age, attributes, time of day or can let our team optimize for them


Clients can easily scale their daily lead buying to meet their needs. We work with a clients with 5 agents all the way up to those with 1000 agents and our team can provide you with the leads to help you grow.


A cornerstone of the Blue Ink Digital marketplace is compliance. With a licensed attorney as a co-founder, the focus on legal compliance and quality is at the heart of all Blue Ink Digital Campaigns. We actively screen out bad leads, litigation threats, and fraud. We also provide opt in language and TCPA compliance with every lead.


The Blue Ink Digital marketplace prides itself on quality and high performing leads. We can provide Jornaya LeadiD and TrustedForm certifications on all leads as well as advanced phone, email, and address screening to increase conversions and campaign performance. Blue Ink Digital continually focuses on inventing and incorporating the latest technology into our client's campaigns.

Our Technology, Your Leads

Whether your goal is simply to keep lead costs down or to create a highly focused multi-vertical geo focused campaign to meet volume requirements our team is here to assist you. Reach out to us today to see the Blue Ink Digital Difference.

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