The Blue Ink Difference

Blue Ink Digital started as a lead generation and data analytics firm based in Boston. The founding team comes directly from Northeastern, Harvard, Columbia and MIT and has always had a focus on advanced technology as the engine of growth.

"From our inception we have been laser focused on delivering excellence and outsized performance in each campaign. We believe that quality, integrity, and cutting edge technology are key drivers of performance and we have put together a world class team to help achieve the goals of our clients." - Founder and CEO Greg Dobak

Meet the Team

We are a world class team of professionals working hard every day to provide the best service and technology possible

Gregory Dobak

Before founding Blue Ink, Greg has held CEO or senior management roles in four companies on three continents and has been an advisor on numerous startups. Greg has previously held positions at TripAdvisor, U.S Congress, and the Court of International Trade. Greg attended Columbia University, received his J.D. from Northeastern University and is a bar-certified Attorney in New York State. Greg additionally holds bachelor’s degrees in International Relations, Psychology and Political Science.

Shreesh Naik

Senior Advisor
Shreesh is a veteran of the startup and marketing world and holds a MBA from Harvard as well as a degree in Chemical Engineering From MIT. Before co-founding Blue Ink, Shreesh co-founded several startups ranging from ad tech to health care to the beverage industry.

Amber Winans

Sr. Manager, Strategic Partnerships
Amber Winans is a veteran manager with a strong background in the technology and service industries. Amber was the first hire at Blue Ink and brought her expertise from OpenTable to build out and eventually run Blue Ink's accounts and customer success teams. Amber holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration and Management.

Jessica Hans

Business Development
Jessica Hans, has 10+ years experience managing highly effective teams. Prior to Blue Ink Jess built out and scaled the marketing and management efforts in the service and postal industries. Jess has a keen focus for providing client success. Jess holds a masters in North Eastern Archaeology and a bachelors in English and Anthropology.

Satiesh Sheriff

Sales Manager
Satiesh has been in the startup, marketing and lead generation space for over 5 years and have consulted with over 80 startups across the world, either through the agencies he’s worked with or through his own practice. He loves finding creative ways to get results for his clients. When not at work, Satiesh spends time with his wife and two very sassy kids.

Courtney Zalka

Head of Accounting
Courtney is a seasoned accountant with years of experience managing complex accounting operations. Courtney has setup and overseen multiple multi-million dollar accounts. She has also set-up and managed the full accounts payable and receivables programs for a variety of companies across several industries.

Sophia Slone

Business Development Specialist
Sophia is digital marketing expert and a graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in Political Science and a certificate in Digital Studies. Sophia has worked in numerous research, marketing and content creation rolls prior to Blue Ink.
Photo of Bethany Lynn - Account Manager

Bethany Lynn

Account Manager
Bethany is a well-rounded account manager with a diverse background in multiple industries, gaining a proficiency in management, communications, and technology. Detail oriented and self-motivated, she has found a passion in supporting others. After a big career shift running a styling business for 13 years, Bethany has a unique passion for creative problem solving, web development, and blending her creativity with problem solving. When off the clock, Bethany loves nothing more than spending time with her dog and partner at home, drinking tea.
Niall Mc Guire - Account Manager

Niall Mc Guire

Account Manager
Meet Niall, an Irish transplant now thriving in the bustling streets of New York City. With a career pivot from the electrical industry, where he led teams as a seasoned foreman on complex pharmaceutical projects, to the dynamic realm of technology as a leading account manager, Niall brings a unique blend of leadership, problem-solving, and adaptability to the table. When he's not immersed in the world of tech and business, you can find him fueling his wanderlust, uncovering hidden gems in far-flung destinations, embracing adventures off the beaten track. Join Niall on his journey as he navigates the intersection of innovation, client relations, and personal growth at Blue Ink Digital.

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